Entry to the Falls


Dunsmuir, Siskiyou County
Height: ~30 ft. , 2600 ft elevation
Season: Mar-Jul
Difficulty: Easy
Directions:Take Hwy #5 to Dunsmuir, 52 miles north of Redding. Take Dunsmuir/Siskiyou exit. Turn north on Dunsmuir Ave., and then immediately left into the small parking area.

Located at the end of an easy 5-minute walk down a beautiful mossy, wooded trail. The quiet beauty of the falls grows until it completely overtakes the viewer. While you are here, explore the small "cave" behind the falls. Legend has it that stagecoach robber, Black Bart, hid out there from a posse. Cozy Hedge Creek Park is the starting off point for your walk to the falls. Bring a picnic and a camera! The park offers spectacular views of Mount Shasta, the Upper Sacramento River, our canyon, trees, and trains... everything that makes our area special.